Well that was a little bit of an anti-climax

I finally christened my bed this morning. Mostly, just for the sake of it.

Even though the reason it took so long to christen my bed was that I didn’t see why I’d want to have sex with someone just for the sake of it rather than wanting to have sex with them.

Anyway, I think I have proved myself right. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. It was with a lovely man though, it’s just the chemistry wasn’t really there.

He’s someone else who has recently, like me, decided on ethical non-monogamy. It’s strange, and there’s a certain irony in it, but for both of us, ever since we both made that decision, it’s been the dryest spell of no-sex in our lives.

At least the dry spell is over, it seems. I kind of feel a little empty though.

My beautiful bed is unfulfilled.

I bought my beautiful bed in June 2012. I’ve had friends stay and I’ve had lots of fun in her, but still, she hasn’t been christened yet. Which is a bit diabolical. For all the lovely sex I’ve had, none of it has been in my bed! In fact, none of it has been in this country, which is even more diabolical. My bed & I are a little unfulfilled, but am sure it’ll be worth the wait. Am not a perfectionist for nothing. It’s got to be just right, as beautiful as my bed and me.

I already know who I want it to be, he’s under my skin, he has been for awhile. I’m under his too, I think. Alas, though, it seems Sod’s law is against us for now, and I (& he) will have to wait, until that beautiful moment comes. Till then, my beautiful bed, I’m sorry, you’ll be fulfilled soon.