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Well that was a little bit of an anti-climax

I finally christened my bed this morning. Mostly, just for the sake of it.

Even though the reason it took so long to christen my bed was that I didn’t see why I’d want to have sex with someone just for the sake of it rather than wanting to have sex with them.

Anyway, I think I have proved myself right. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. It was with a lovely man though, it’s just the chemistry wasn’t really there.

He’s someone else who has recently, like me, decided on ethical non-monogamy. It’s strange, and there’s a certain irony in it, but for both of us, ever since we both made that decision, it’s been the dryest spell of no-sex in our lives.

At least the dry spell is over, it seems. I kind of feel a little empty though.

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