Sod’s Law – 0. Me – 1.

So, I spoke too soon and the lovely boy I brought home does want to meet for drinks (I am prone to overthinking, mind you – it is half two in the morning!). Am guessing if he wants to meet for more drinks, he wants more fun as well.

Good times and screw you, sod’s law. Today, I win.

Also, phew. I was beginning to worry that perhaps I was terrible in bed & unaware! (I might still be!)

Sod’s law… (the ones that got away)

Well, I’ve had a busy few weeks. It seems the dry spell is over. I guess sex might be like buses, in that I waited what seemed like centuries, and then lots turn up at once.

I’m obviously doing something right, but I must also be doing something wrong, because things aren’t quite going the way that I’d like them to.

But, sod’s law dictates that whatever it is I’m doing right to be suddenly out of the dry season (can’t think of what it might be, I haven’t changed anything about myself or anything else I can put my finger on). I’m not quite getting it right.

I had what I guess was a one-night thing with a fun young thing a couple of nights ago. We had a LOT of fun, lots of talk and lots of sex. The two day hangover was worth it (wine on an empty stomach – when will I ever learn?) He seemed really into me, but I texted him today to see if he’d like to meet up for a drink and there hasn’t been a reply.

The only other person I’ve *really* liked and that gave me tingles got away too. Although very different circumstances and a messy complicated situation for him that I didn’t really want to be involved in. But it’s typical, the ones I really like I can’t have and the ones I’m not into so much are all quite keen on me. 

C’est La Vie, I guess. Hope things change soon! Dammit, I liked that one!