Things that have been making me hot under the collar of late

Since I awoke from my sexual slumber I’ve been finding myself surprised at the things and places that have woken up the erotic part of me. Here are some of them.


Solitary teardrops

Single drops of blood

Being bitten

My shoes

Canadian accents


This song/video/group:

Church roofs



This song from my youth:

This by Asaf Avidan:

The idea of testing my tolerence to pain

Purply blue velvet

My fur coat (I know, I know, but it’s reclaimed fur, and I bought it from a charity) *guilty conscience*

Tasting blood


Orange and purple in juxtaposition

Attraction to the unavailable.

In this strange new period of my life, I seem to be mostly attracted to people who are emotionally or otherwise, unavailable.

This, for me, is a new and puzzling development. It doesn’t bother me, other than not understanding why this is the case. It isn’t very rational, but I trust my subconscious.

Am curious as to what it might mean. Any ideas, people?