Words/phrases that irritate me

Robust (Don’t know why, I just hate it)

Difficult decisions (that’s usually politics-speak for ‘we’re going to fuck the poor’ (again))

“I hate to say it, but” (no, you don’t)

“touch base” (shut up)

“I’m not a (insert whatever here), but” (yes, you are)

“I’m just playing devil’s advocate” (no, you’re being a twat)

“Shall I tell you what I think?” (no)

“But what about…” (that’s not an argument, I’m talking about something else, stop trying to change the subject)

The sympathy face :'( I hate it

One thing my close friends and I have in common is that most of us have been through difficult and unusual experiences, which to the ‘average person’ (a myth, but am using it to make a point) would be horrified at. Rape, forced marriage, political oppression, drug addictions, alcoholism, one of my friend’s husband tried to murder her, etc etc etc…

All of these things are pretty radical. The other thing that we have in common is that we can talk about these experiences in a normal fashion when we want to without being judged, but most importantly (for me, anyway) is without THE SYMPATHY FACE.

I know it is just me, but I HATE IT. HATE IT. HATE IT.

I wish I knew why I hate it so much, it makes me feel very angry and a bit stabby. The reason that seems to make the most sense is I don’t want or need it, because I’ve come through whatever my bad experiences were and I think of myself as a stronger person for it.

Now, I realise that I sound very defensive, but am able to distinguish between genuine sympathy and the ‘oh poor wittle you’ face. I’m just not very good at finding that balance. Probably need to work on it, but right now am very annoyed as somebody just did it at me. Wish I wasn’t so annoyed but I am. Grrr…..