Happy International Womens’ Day to you…

but mostly and especially to me (it’s sometimes a lonely business being the only feminist in my family).

Am usually a *little* sceptical about International this-or-that day. I worry about how whatever issues are being highlighted get forgotten for the other 364 days of the year, but I know how useful they are at highlighting the myriad of social issues that might not have any publicity at all, otherwise.

It’s such a shame on our species that it’s a universal feature of our world that half of us, as a group are being oppressed and shat upon from a great height. Generations and waves of female freedom fighters, feminists, suffragists and individual women fighting and sacrificing have only achieved so much. Can we really call ourselves a civilised or progressive world if women aren’t afforded the same opportunities as men? If we are systematically discriminated against the system needs smashing, not changing. 

One thing that fills me with hope, ironically, are men. Perhaps it’s because my social circles have changed, but am so pleased and proud that so many of my male friends call themselves feminists (even if some of them have yet to pick up on some of the subtleties of everyday sexism just yet, but they’ll learn :p). Having been brought up in a mysogynist paternalistic community, it’s something new to me, and boy, does that fill me with hope – because let’s be honest, we need to call our brothers to arms as well, we’re going to need their help, the system fucks them and us.




Here I have a douchebag who thinks he’s smart, mansplaining mansplanation to me & making himself look quite stupid in the meantime.

(After I put a line in my profile telling people not to bother writing if they were going to correct a joke I’d made in Latin which was obviously a little too clever for them to see it was a joke)

It was too funny & stupid not to share. Only an idiot would think the best solution to someone complaining about mansplainers is more mansplanation. Thanks for proving my point,  douchebag!
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Stupid man from yesterday

Yesterday was helping a friend with the Womens’ Society stall at our Freshers’ Week.

So many lovely people, so much to talk about, I learnt a lot from all the weird and wonderful people that came over to chat. But there’s always one… And they always find me (a little like mosquitos & just as irritating).

“Oh, so you’re the man-hating society, are you?” he barked at me.

“No hello first? I hate to break it to you, but the womens’ society is not about men. I don’t hate men, I just hate idiots” I said to him (luckily have had to deal with this same tired old “argument”, so the sentence slipped off the tongue with a satisfying smoothness).

“You’re just a reverse chauvinist”

“There’s no such thing as reverse chauvinism, chauvinism is chauvinism. What’s your point, would you like to join?” (I have my moments of smart-arsery)

He just stormed off, muttering.

There’s always one.