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Dissertation Panic

As my mother would say, I’m my own worst enemy, sometimes.

I have a meeting with my university supervisor tomorrow. Professor will be very upset at me. I should have started my dissertation in September, but still decide on what to do!

It can be anything within the remit of history, politics, sexuality, philosophy, linguisitics, anthropology, so… pretty much anything I like!

Sounds like the perfect predicament to be in, I love all of those subjects. But… I’ve just paralysed myself with over-analysis of everything, and every time I try to think about it, my mind is flooded with panic and shuts down.

This sucks.

And I’m in trouble tomorrow.

Suggestions welcome..


One response to “Dissertation Panic

  1. missguide

    Perhaps my ignosticism is misplaced and there is some kind of god-like entity (who reads my blog). Professor has ‘flu and I’ve got until Friday. Woohoo!

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