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The Boy

So, there is someone I suppose I have started seeing, although, being an overthinker & commitment-phobic, I’m not sure, yet, I don’t think so.

I thought it would just be a one-night stand, but it’s turned into more regular fun than that. I find him quite exciting. It was exciting enough picking someone up and taking them home for the first time in many years, but he’s lots of the things that excite me on top of that. Opinionated, smart, tall, sexual & beautiful, curious and I feel quite comfortable with him. I think I’ve recently remembered that the most sexually stimulated part of me is my mind, which feels quite tickled around him. I’m 10 years older than him, but he’s a very smart & given me lots of food for thought, which is quite a refreshing change for me. I’ve missed being intellectually challenged. I get so bored so quickly with the unthinking ones.

I’m calling him The Boy, it seems fitting as he seems to be able to carry off calling women ‘girls’ and get away with it. It’s usually a bugbear of mine, but it’s cute (for now).




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