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Sexual norms are changing

Nice to feel I’m on the right track for all the right reasons.


Sexual scripts is a way to describe how people understand and act in sexual situations. There are individual scripts, couple scripts and cultural scripts which interact. Many studies have covered the gender differences in sexual scripts. According to them men have a strong sex drive, initiate sex, push sex to new levels of intimacy, need to be sexually skilled, want recreational sex more than women, value sex itself, are “players” (manipulate women in to sex) and want multiple partners. Women want to be desired, have a weak sex drive, resist sex, are more valued if they are sexually less experienced, prefer relational sex, value monogamy and seek an emotional bond with sex. But new research finds that there is a movement away from these traditional scripts.

ID-10047087In a new study the traditional scripts are tested through a range of interviews of both men and women. The result was that both…

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