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So, when is sex sex?

I was talking to my friend and we were talking about what we think of as the threshold for sex.

I disagreed entirely with her threshold – she only considers it sex when she has an orgasm.

I actually am not sure what I think. I used to think about it in very black & white terms (ie/ penetration) but I don’t think of it like that anymore. It’s such a boring and meaningless threshold and involves very arbitrary presumptuous heterosexual ideas – it just doesn’t feel right.

What does anyone else think?


5 responses to “So, when is sex sex?

  1. Penetration. As soon as it enters a hole it’s sex. If I considered sex and orgasm I didn’t have sex with my last boyfriend once lol

  2. chehaw ⋅

    Years ago, a friend had a term called ‘eye sex’: That extra second or two when you lock eyes with a complete stranger in public (a train, on the street, hell–in the office)…perhaps that? It’s not penetration, but it’s an undeniable spark…

    • missguide

      I know exactly what you’re talking about. It hasn’t happened that often to me, but I can remember each time that it has! I suppose it is penetration into the mind/soul(if that’s where the eyes lead)

      That’s a great point!

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