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Attraction to the unavailable.

In this strange new period of my life, I seem to be mostly attracted to people who are emotionally or otherwise, unavailable.

This, for me, is a new and puzzling development. It doesn’t bother me, other than not understanding why this is the case. It isn’t very rational, but I trust my subconscious.

Am curious as to what it might mean. Any ideas, people?


5 responses to “Attraction to the unavailable.

  1. Your shifting from who you once where to who you are becoming, and the quality of the relationships you are pulling in are also changing… everything is connected. You are right where you are meant to be in this moment in time. Trust in this process, for it will pass.

    • missguide

      Thank you Christopher, those are wise words and I both agree with you & trust in myself & whatever this process might be.

      I think though, in addition to the trust, I also would like to understand why, as it will tell me about myself. Am quite a curious and thinking creature and have been enjoying much of what I’m learning and feeling about all of these changes, whether or not I consider them good at the time 🙂

  2. chehaw ⋅

    Maybe you’re looking for a challenge? Maybe you’re looking for something different than you’ve been looking for? Who knows, but you. Enjoy the discoveries you’re making about yourself.

    • missguide

      Thanks chehaw.

      Looking for challenge one thing that I hadn’t thought of, actually! 🙂 It kind of makes sense as it is tying into other thoughts that I’ve been having about monogamy and relationships and sex and honesty and reality, though. I’ll blog on that soon when it comes together in my mind.

      It’s a great feeling to make discoveries, am embracing it!

  3. missguide

    I wonder too, whether there is an element of me wanting to retain control. I’ll figure it out someday.

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