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Let’s talk about sex, baby, but please, no babytalk…

Following on from my first post about communicating during sex…  (aware that this may just be beginning to sound like a diatribe about my ex, but seeing as this is a place for sexual exploration & coming out of a long and miserable marriage, I suppose that is to be expected a little.)

So, like I said in my first post, I asked my ex to speak dirty to me – it didn’t work out & just got really awkward. I still remember why I asked him to, even though it was all of those years ago.  It was because until that point, and after that point, too, he’d use baby language in bed. The kind that you’d use when speaking to a small child. This is not hot at all (well, it doesn’t float my boat, in any case).

Language is so very important, although probably not the most important part of communication. It’s a bit off-putting when in the throes of passion to hear your paramour exclaim “I love your boobies” or “touch my willy”. Really! I’m an adult doing fun, adult things. Lovey-dovey talk is one thing, but babytalk in bed? No!

It still puzzles me to this day how it seemed that the only two ways he could talk sexually were either porny-degradey or mumsy-wumsy  styles. I think now that I’ve managed to unpack the reasons why, it’s not too surprising that I stopped talking during sex for so long.

Going through a dry spell at the moment, so any chances to test out my own sex-talking skills are somewhat limited at the moment. But, my imagination seems to be doing plenty of work all on it’s own, and am curious to see what comes out of my mouth then next time I do get lucky.


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